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Charging Dock Station

Charging Dock

            Everybody nowadays have their own device especially smartphone. Some of them even have more than one smartphone. At the first time I have using mobile phone (Nokia) since studying my Diploma and continue using it when working until I change it to more sophisticated phone that can flip it to call (Motorola). There is no much problem in charging my devices as I only use only one device and not consider to have two phone number at that time. That time there is no such thing as power-bank and I only charge it at my home because not much power consumption needed for the device. Otherwise it so troublesome to pay for two bill at one time.

            Early in 21st century, there is so much easier to have more than one phone number as we can use prepaid sim card for second phone. So, now I can easily use the second phone as I have two sim card for different phone number. The charging problem is not so difficult to solve as I use additional separate multiple plug and I can charge two devices at the same time.  

Then, there is smartphone phenomena change our way of living and the device is not only for call but you can do more with it. Take photos and selfie anywhere you want and more than before. The most amazing thing to do with it is people can serve internet anywhere they like at the same time can download variety of apps (basically a software) for their daily using base on their lifestyle. And all of task mention that it is using the same sim card. Its extravaganza awesome….!!!
            For the new technology have arrive, there is a big impact to the community and their way of living change. More sim card leads to more devices and its lead to more power consumption. Think about a person will have two smartphone, one power bank, one laptop, one smartwatch and don’t forget the tablet. And what about Bluetooth device? Some of you have more than one Bluetooth device (such as Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth ear/head phone). When added all of the devices, someone may have 5 or six devices to charge. The problem on charging all off the devices will definitely occur.

            Introducing to you “Multiple Charging Dock Station” that can solve your problem. No more messy on your desk that full of your devices that take over most of your desk area. 

  • Pure 100% Handmade with 100% Natural Bamboo. It is beautiful, unique and patented elegant, durable construction.
  • You to be an outstanding designer. Various uses for placing smartphone, smartwatch, tablet or even your kindle, night stand and books (if don’t have much devices to charge).
  • Charge all your devices using this dock using Multiple Port (recommended to use 6-Port) USB Chargers (Not Included) and create your style.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


“Keep one in your office, one in your room, one at the living room and one to a friend or family member”.



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