Sunday, 31 January 2016

Solar Power

     When going for outdoor activities and forgot to charge your power bank, these are the accessories that you must have in case there are no power/electrical supply at that particular area such as inside the National Forest Park or something like that. The Solar Powerbank device have dual type of refiling energy, by electric and by solar energy.

Solar Power Bank 10000mAh  (waterproof)

  • with Phone Dock & Flashlight Function, Shockproof Rain-proof Dual USB Solar Panel for iPhone, iPad mini, iPod, Samsung Smart Phones and Tablets, Camera.
  • 10000mah power bank equipped with a compact solar panel, which could recharge the battery itself under sunshine for emergency purpose while outdoor.

  • Dual USB output can charger two devices simultaneously.Save time & Charge all your Portable USB Devices Faster; With a Micro Port USB Cable, Apple Adapter not included. So you can use yourself Phone cable or Table cable to connect to charger. 

  • Rainproof Dust proof and Shock proof. With Phone Dock Function. So it is more convenient for you to Chat or Watch Movie , More Funny.

  • Due to the size of the solar panel is small, So We recommend charging our power bank using electricity.It is Perfect Birthday Gift for Mom or Dad or Friend
  • Flashlight Function. 3 illumination modes. Press Power button twice to turn on the light(Steady Mode), Press again (Strobe Mode), 4th Click enter SOS signal flash (Rapid strobe Mode).

Waterproof Solar Panel on Lazada

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    When it comes to having a convenient and safe charging external power bank for your smartphone and other compatible devices, then this powerful Coolnut 13000mAh Dual USB output Solar Power Bank is the best option for you. This high performance best quality power bank holds enough power to charge your devices at a maximum of 2A output, making it super handy to have around if you're low on battery with no outlets in sight. It features innovative and additional solar panel system that recharges the power bank through direct sunlight in a few days of time. It also comes with another input charging port for convenient electric recharging.
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