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Eco-Friendly Charger (Part 5)

Eco-Friendly Smartphone Charger

2500mAh Solar Charger Sunflower  ($79.00)

Because flowers often generate energy love, happiness, health. It’s a very functional and beautiful solar charger to use on your desk. The name says it all. The Sunflower solar charger can be compared with a flower pot.

The white LED light pops up when charge the Sunflower with the mini USB cable. By mini USB the battery will be full in 5 hours and the white light will go off. Afterwards connect your smartphone cable in the back USB port and start charging.
The sunflower really shines and thanks to the simple and astonish design. The sunflower solar chargers collects energy with it’s solar cells and turns it into 'Eco Friendly' energy for your smartphone.

•   Perfect for on your desk
•   2.500 mAh battery
•   Suitable for USB chargeable phones, tablets and
     mobile Devices.

The sunflower comes with a 2.500 mAh rechargeable battery which is strong enough to charge your smartphone twice. There are two LED indicators. The green light indicates that the Sunflower is charging through sunlight. For a full battery this will take approximately 25 hours.


Capacity  :        2.500 mAh
Packaging:        Gift box including manual and mini 
                        USB cable.
Material   :        ABS plastic
Battery    :        Lithium

“Put it near your window while working and enjoying free energy courtesy of the Sun”.

Bike Charge

Chargeur Dynamo Tigra Sport BikeCharge  ($129)

The charger Dynamo Tigra Sport BikeCharge lets you charge your smartphone while you ride your bike. Dynamo converts your physical energy into electricity to charge your phone. The Dynamo also serve also as very light bike to ride to the end of the night.

Good Reason to have it :

·        Charge your smartphone using your bike
·        Suitable for all wheels
·        Recharge any device powered by USB
·        Use in conjunction with BikeConsole or PowerPack
·        Front and rear lights
·        Light switch
·        Impermeability

Further Information

Charge your smartphone using your bicycle

The BikeCharge Dynamo is the next generation of systems dynamo, powerful, efficient, compact and above all easy to install. The dynamo starts charging when you reach the 5 km/h on your bike. It converts the kinetic energy caused by the bicycle wheels into electrical energy, which can be used to charge or power a device.

Recharge any device powered by USB. With a USB port and a 5.0V DC output power Dynamo this charger can be used to charge a wide range of smartphone. The BikeCharge Dynamo can be used in conjunction with the Tigra Sport BikeCharge PowerPack and BikeConsole.

Front and Rear Lights

La Tigra Sport BikeCharge Dynamo has a brightness 1W LED with an integrated LED rear lights and 2 in a slightly smaller size. The lights on the dynamo can be controlled using a remote control provided. Dynamo charger that is weather resistant so you can use this device in all weather conditions.

Technical Specifications

- Suitable for all wheel
Recharge any device powered by USB
All-in-one, bike light, integrated power generator in an elegant case.
-   3W output 5.0V DC.
- Compatibility recharge most mobile phones completely after 3 hours of Cycling
- 20% lighter than any other discretionary dynamo.
No possible loading if not in use
Begins to engage from a speed of 5 km/hour. Full capacity from 20 km/hour.
Easy installation.
1 W LED and integrated lens.
Taillight 2 S/B LED.
Adjustable angle.
Lighting control.
Weather resistant.

“Install this dynamo system to your bike and let your cycling charge up your phone”.

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