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Eco-Friendly Charger (Part 2)

Eco-Friendly Charger (Part 2)

HandTurbine Smartphone Charger (FRX3)

         Charge your smartphone with a cool hand turbine, and it comes with a AM/FM weather alert radio too. Perfect for outdoor use. ($55.46).

2012 GOOD DESIGN Award for Etón FRX Field Radio Line. The oldest and world's most recognized program for design excellence worldwide. All awards and winners are posted on the Museum's website.

The American Red Cross FRX3 is a solar and hand turbine powered AM, FM, weather radio with alarm clock. There is a built-in USB smart phone charger that allows a 30 second emergency phone call with one minute of cranking. To listen to personal tunes, use the AUX-input to play an external MP3 player. You’ll never be left in the dark thanks to the LED flashlight and glow-in-the-dark locater around the rim of the solar panel.


  • Receives AM/FM/Weather band
  • USB smart phone charger
  • Hand turbine and solar powered
  • LED flashlight
  • Aux- input

Smartphone Charger on Lazada

Charging One Puck.


Whether you’re having hot or cold drinks, you can enjoy them while charging your smartphone with this sleek portable gadget. Visit its Kick starter page here. [$115.00]

A new device called the onE Puck can charge your phone with a beverage. The One Puck taps into heat transfer from an object to create a current that can power a USB connected device. The charger doesn't need a hot object, either. The device features a red side for hot objects, like a mug of coffee, and a blue side for cold ones, like a pint of beer. Any hot or cold object could be used, not necessarily just beverages, but the One Puck's coaster-shaped design certainly lends itself to cups.

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